Welcome to the Kimball Class of 71 website.  We hope you find this website helpful and will use it to find out about Knight activities, update your profile, or find former classmates. 

We encourage you to stay active and participate in class activities, not only to visit with your friends, but to get to know classmates you may not have known very well in high school.

With social media, we now have the advantage of getting to see and hear what’s going on in each of our lives.  If you are a member of Facebook who has not joined the Kimball Class of 71 Facebook page, please sign up today!  There you will find a listing of past and current activities and photos which will be added to this website too.

Did you know that some of your former classmates are meeting monthly?  To join in the fun and find out about upcoming dinners, click on “GET TOGETHERS” and then click on “KNIGHT DINNER”.  Locations and dates are announced monthly.  Be sure to RSVP and check back each month to find the location, date, and time of the next activity.  These outings are not only for classmates, but spouses and/or guests are welcome to join the fun! 

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Don’t ever forget:  We ALWAYS seek the best!